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Located in Sevastopol, our dynamic NGO provides a platform for youth in Ukraine to have a voice and initiate positive social change on issues which affects their lives.


"A Day for Students: Developing Students’ Self-management in Sevastopol"

"A Day for Students: Developing Students’ Self-management in Sevastopol"

On November 17th, 2007 the Sevastopol public organization Youth Center "VOLUNTEER" initiated the first training of the project "Students’ Self-management and Expansion of the Rights and Opportunities of Students in Sevastopol.” The project is being carried out with the financial support of the Democracy Fund of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine.

Training for this first session related to the theme "Leadership and the Organization of Leadership." An audience of 25 student-leaders from the following 5 universities in Sevastopol were invited: 1.) the Sevastopol City Humanitarian University; 2.) the Sevastopol branch of the Inter-regional Academy of Personnel Management; 3.) the Sevastopol National Technical University; 4.) the Sevastopol branch of the Crimean Institute of Economics and Economic Justice; 5.) the Sevastopol Economic-Humanitarian Institute.

At the training venue, the Sevastopol City Center of Social Services for Youth, the purpose of the first session was to rally and unite participants by introducing a common exchange of information and brainstorming ideas for students’ self-management in universities in Sevastopol.

Objectives of the first training: 1.) to acquaint the representative student leaders of various universities of Sevastopol among themselves how to create a common exchange of information 2.) to challenge and expand the existing perceptions of participants about leadership and activism 3.) to generate new leadership skills, behavior and pier relations.

These objectives were successfully realized.

During the first session, innovative, interactive forms of training were used such as role games, "brain storming", situational analysis and interactive games. Also, informational material was distributed relating to the underlying theoretical and legal details of student councils or student government, and also was presented in a lecture format.

Trainers Roman Shamrai, the trainer-adviser and Peace Corps Volunteer Jason Gilpin, and trainer Evgenie Zeman, ensured that the learning atmosphere from the very beginning and during training was benevolent, positive, and held with a spirit for effective productivity. As a result of the training, students expressed a fervent desire to realize, as soon as possible, in practice all the received knowledge and to maintain constant contact among themselves, and to utilize the human and technical resources at their disposal at the YC Volunteer Consultant Center.

During the training there was a film crew of the Sevastopol oblast regional TV. Mass media has expressed much interest in the theme of our project. Therefore, the video footage of the first session has been shown on the program of the Sevastopol news "Our Time", and also on the program "Our City." Therefore, the theme of student government and student leadership has already received ample airtime.

Project head Lyudmila Litvinenko and the project legal trainer Roman Shamrai were also invited for an interview on a local television program.

Very symbolically, the first training took place on the “World Day of Students” - November 17th.


About Us

The Sevastopol public organization the Youth Center "Volunteer" (in abbreviated form - YC "Volunteer") was officially registered as a legitimate non-governmental organization (NGO) by the Sevastopol Municipal Department of Justice on 05.02.2001.

Our Mission

The principal mission of our organization is facilitation and coordination of efforts of members of YC "Volunteer" in the realization of the development of social youth policy in Ukraine, as well as the protection of legitimate interests and societal concerns of its members.

Needs targeted and forms of activity:

1. Assistance in coordination and participation of seminars and conferences of members YC "Volunteer" in realization of various social goals both in Ukraine and beyond.

2. Networking and cooperation with like-minded organizations in the social sphere; aspiring to achieve a productive exchange of experience, delegations, and the use of innovative techniques of social development both in Ukraine and beyond.

3. Support and implementation of programs and youth projects.

4. Assistance in organizing safe recreation activities of youth.

5. Promotion of healthy lifestyles in the youth environment.

6. Assistance in the realization of preventive programs in respect to the negative forces in the youth environment.

Services, Methods & Strategies of the Organization

YC "Volunteer" acting on the basis of its mission has two main areas of activity:
1. Promotion of healthy lifestyles and preventive measures regarding the negative environmental forces (violence, narcotic use, alcoholism, homelessness, etc.) in the youth environment.
2. Assistance to the promotion of and interest in democratic processes among Ukrainian youth.

YC "Volunteer" also traditionally takes part in city, regional, national and global events (actions, campaigns, etc.) which coincide with activity of the organization (for example: National Youth Day, the Day of the Protection of Children, World Day of the Struggle Against the Circulation of Harmful Drugs, etc.).

The primary goal of our organization is fulfilling the needs of the community or communities we serve. Therefore, the first step in all of our projects is fulfilling a needs analysis report.

Once a need has been specified and funding mechanisms are solidified, our organization carefully plans, conducts, reports and evaluates project activity from the moment of inception, using the latest project management, risk analysis, program evaluation and sustainability techniques.

Planning and implementation is rendered through thorough consultation among partner organizations, state organizations, and even private enterprise, all the while adhering strictly to contracts and stipulations by funding organizations. All reporting and evaluation practices are held to the highest of standards.

Latest News from "YC Volunteer"

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Current Projects

Project Name: "Student's Self-management and Expansion of the Rights and Opportunities of Students in Sevastopol"

The project stipulates creation of ideal conditions for the formation of bodies of students’ self-management (student government) in 5 higher educational institutions (colleges/universities) in Sevastopol by:
-training of 25 student leaders from among the student body throughout 4 thematic trainings;
-carrying out of 2 training seminars for 15 faculty members in the 5 higher education institutes
-creation of a constant-operating consultation centre which grants legal, psychological and methodical assistance to students and teachers in creation of bodies of student's self-management;
-promotion of press and media coverage, and distribution among students the five colleges of the booklet "student's self-management."

Duration of the project: October 2007 - May 2008


With the overarching purpose of the realization of projects YC "Volunteer," the following organizations have concluded contracts of cooperation with our organization:
- with the City Center of Social Services for Children, Family and Youth;
- with the Department on Affairs of Family, Youth and Sports of the Sevastopol State Administration;
-and with other NGOs in the Sevastopol region whose activities coincide with goals and activities of YC "Volunteer".

Project & Organizational Financing

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Staff & Volunteers

-Lydmilla Litvinenko, Executive Director

-Jason Gilpin, Community Development-NGO Facilitator Volunteer
United States Peace Corps, 2007-2009

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Contact Us

Lydmilla Litvinenko, Executive Director

Youth Center "Volunteer"
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